We are an adult Walking Club and as such everyone must have a sense of Personal Responsibility.
(ie it is your responsibility to provide adequate footwear and equipment suggested in the ‘Kit List‘)

You must follow all reasonable instructions from the Club Officials.

The £13 fare is just that, ie for the purpose of paying for the coach and any residue is used to pay any bills and expenses incurred by the club.

Membership is now available for £10/month or £120/year, with the benefit of reducing the overall annual cost.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure your safety, by leaders pre-walking the route, you should remain vigilant and be aware, during the walk, of natural hazards, such as tree roots, pot holes overhanging branches etc, and where possible warn your fellow walkers.

You should also take care crossing or walking along busy roads, as you would do normally.

On the few occasions we need to walk along roads without footpaths, you should walk on the right hand side of the road in single file, facing the oncoming traffic.

As we walk all year round, there may be occasions where we walk in freezing conditions, and therefore extra care should be taken, for the presence of ice, by yourself and for your companions. (ie by watching your footing and warning your fellow walkers).

On the walk you should ensure that you are within sight, and in contact with the walk leader or back marker at all times, and should you have any difficulties inform one of them immediately.

If, despite all our precautions, you do have an accident or injury, you should report it to the walk leader and/or the team First Aider.

At a convenient time you should then inform the Club Leader and fill in the Accident Book with the First Aider.

It is impractical to accommodate pets on the coach, as they would present a safety hazard, and are not accepted on the walk.

Muddy boots are not allowed on the coach, please see Kit List. (boot bags and spare footwear are advised)