Kit List

This is a suggestion of the items that you may want to carry, don’t forget the weather may alter the contents. These are the items that we often carry.

Our walks are usually about 4 to 4.5 hours long in the morning, so you may want to take a pack-up with you and a hot drink as we will have at least one rest/coffee/sandwich break on the walk.

Item Notes / Suggestions
Walking Boots Preferred – (alternatively good shoes or walking trainers)
We often walk on uneven surfaces so ankle support is very important
Walking Socks x 2 2 pairs of socks helps prevent blisters
Waterproof Jacket Weather can change drastically over 4 hours
Waterproof trousers As above
Day Sack / Ruck Sack  25-35 litre should be ample
Day Sack Liner Optional – Any waterproof bag to keep contents dry
Day Sack Cover To keep bag dry (wet bags can be heavy)
Mat to sit on Optional – Pound shop picnic mats are ideal
Fleece Can be cool when sitting with a sweat soaked back
Water (prevents dehydration) 2 x 1/2 litre bottles ideal, or any other cold drink
Flask (Hot water), (Soup etc) Optional – 1/2 litre of hot water usually allows for 2 hot drinks – ideal in colder weather.
Plastic lunch box Optional – 1 litre size is ideal for sandwiches, biscuits, fruit etc.
Coffee / Tea Optional – 2in1 sachets of Kenco/Nescafé/Maxwell House are handy
Coffee cup Optional – Old flask cups are large/flat and fit in the lunch box
Spoon Optional
Gaiters Optional – Helps stop water entering boots and keeps trousers getting muddy.
Hat Woolly thinsulate for cold or peaked for summer
Gloves For colder weather
Snood Scarf Optional – warm in winter, wet to aid cooling in summer
Boot Covers/Boot Bags Muddy boots are not allowed on the coach, and at some establishments. Boot covers are an option, but boot bags with a clean change of footwear are recommended.
Medication Please ensure you have any important medication with you, and inform walk leaders or club first aiders of any medical condition which may affect your fitness to walk.
Sun Glasses Optional
Walking Poles Optional
First Aid Kit Optional
Spare Carrier Bags Optional
small hand towel Optional
Hand Sanitizer Optional
Tissues Optional
Paracetomol / Ibuprofen Optional
Boot brush Optional
Camera/mobile phone Optional
Binoculars Optional
Additional Items for Walk Leaders
Written Route plan Essential
Map of area Essential
Map case Optional
GPS Unit Optional – helpful for pinpointing position and knowing total distance covered,
Compass Recommended
First Aid Kit Recommended
Whistle Recommended
Mobile Phone An aid to contact between front and back markers, the bus, the pub, the other group.
Extras in a separate bag For the bus if required
Change of clothes Optional
Change of shoes Recommended