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Sunday 12th November 2017
Another fine days walking organised and excellently led by Ash, with Carol riding shotgun, a lovely fine day in an area we have had little experience of in the past.

Unfortunately, there was no prewalk for the B team this time, so as so often has happened in the past Bev led this one off map, which was quite difficult due to the many twists and turns. This, however, has happened far less this year, with Ken and Ash as well as Bev leading many of the B walks, after carefully planned prewalks.

The 2018 program is now complete and I will be publishing the finished version along with the detailed PDF file shortly, once I've checked both match. Many thanks to Viv for putting this together for me and coordinating with our leaders, as well as involving more people in prewalks and ensuring much better coverage for the B team next year.

We had some fine views of Emley Moor mast during the day, which involved some gentle rolling Dales walking, but as so often is the case, a twist in the tail as we approached our final destination.
Len just checking the direction to Farnley Tyas, early in the walk.

As usual, the B team scratching heads as they try to find a way out of the woods.

And there were a few signs of an historical past.

Half way round and a pause for breath at Shepley.

Nice hat Colette, and of course there's that mast again.

Of course, somebody had to do it, and I didn't see many other volunteers.
Nice flowers in the background, and fortunately no tomato plants.

With all that jet lag and no proper beer for two weeks this was a very welcome site and thoroughly enjoyed. So much so, I felt I had to fully appreciate the experience and let the afternoon walkers have a bit of piece and quiet without me.

This was a really lovely day out, and a nice change from all that sunshine, next to no clothes on, swimming in the sea with turtles, idling the days away in the South Pacific, really nice to get the fleece on, and that icy blast to the face. (on second thoughts)

Just a reminder to everyone that Joy will require the absolute final numbers for the Christmas Party on the next walk, and I still have some 2018 Calendars left if anybody else wants one.

Don't forget to bring some extra cash.(but I don't think you'll need to bring any sandwiches)
It will be £15 for the Christmas walk, and of course don't forget your Christmas hats, if there's enough originality there will be prizes.

Thank you all for contributing to another great day out, and we look forward to seeing you all again for our annual Christmas walk, please let me know early enough if you cannot make it, as it will be really sad if I cannot get reserves on the coach when there are last minute seats available.

Best Regards,
Phil & Bev