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Sunday 10th December 2017

Merry Christmas everybody, yes we pulled it off (what a team, above) this years Christmas walk was destined for disaster, the weather forecasters managed to scare everone half to death. Our planned walk to Buxton threatened with over a foot of snow, panic set in, and I started receiving messages on Saturday morning. Having already had a sleepless night, a decision had to be made.

By Saturday lunch time, Buxton cancelled, coach driver Darren happy to go regardless, and Ash replied to the call for suggestions, came round and a new plan formulated.
Now, how to rescue Christmas dinner, Bev and I jump in car and spotting the Beverley Arms at Ackworth, a plea for help, and dinner secured.
All that was needed now was a good walk.

And boy, what a walk, it didn't take long before we came across 3 witches and a boiling cauldron, or it would have been had they been able to light the fire. Macbeth had nothing on these three, hubble bubble, toil and trouble (with the emphasis on trouble)

Then Jacqui was found riding on what appears to be a male witch in disguise with a dirty grin on his face, and what the hell is the monkey doing.

Of course the children will always find something to entertain themselves, despite a foot of snow.
Hold on a minute, where is all that snow we were expecting.

The B team, find time to pose again for the obligatory team photo, whilst Bev tries to convince everyone she can read the map and knows where she has to go. 'Now there should be a body of water round here somewhere'.
Wait a minute, I think I saw a snow flake.

As we reached the Inn, Mary and Joseph are still trying to get in, but unfortunatey it's full of Outsiders, you would have thought after 2000 years that they would have had a bit better luck.

In the meantime, some of us had not been able to avoid taking shelter in the Boot and Shoe for a few pints of Real Ale before staggering up to the Beverley for Christmas Dinner.

Now it was time to get the party started, and it was nice to welcome William and Tracy back, but it hadn't escaped the notice of Bad Santa and he was soon muscelling in on the action.

It all started very nicely with a cosy cuddle from Colette.

Then thigs started to get out of hand, I was shocked ------pleasantly so.

Now then little boy what would you like for Christmas.

Now this is getting ridiculous.

And what did poor old Bad Santa do to desrve a throttling.

Ahhh, at last poor Joseph breaks into the Inn and he's very happy, another satisfied customer, Jesus!! what a day he's had.

As everyone knows, every Christmas story has a beautiful Princess, and we've got three.

And no Christmas would be the same without the brothers Grimm.

So, out of the ashes a phoenix arises (sounds like a Game of Thrones), Christmas walk rescued and a fabulous time had by all, a good walk, a good laugh and a lovely Christmas lunch, washed down with a good wine.

Looking forward now to continue our festivities next Saturday, hope to see you all there, I still have some 2018 Calendars left if anybody else wants one, I brought them on Sunday but with such a short journey I forgot to bring them round.

Thank you all for contributing to another great day out, and I hope our program for 2018 will be as spectacular as 2017, especially with the introduction of new ideas and new walk leaders. If we don't see you on Saturday we look forward to seeing you all in January (21st)

Best Regards,
Phil & Bev