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Sunday 21st January 2018

Happy New Year everybody, and welcome to the imaginative new 2018 program, and many thanks to Ken for a well organised day and leading the B group, whilst Nigel led the A team with back up from John.
Yet again the weather forecasters tried to sabotage the day, with ominous tales of woe about storms, snow, rain and pestilence (that last bit might be a bit of exageration on my part).
But anyway, needless to say we only experienced a gentle snow fall towards the end of the morning walk, just to set the scene for a magical first walk of the year.

Having said that, had the storm already passed through?

Without many photos taken in the first couple of hours, we followed the Wolds Way, through valleys and dales, with some fine views each time we emerged over the horizon.
Finally, our photographers found some interesting subject matter as we approached the pretty little village of Brantingham.

The B team were hot on the heals of the A team, only a few minutes apart at this stage, but time for the obligatory team photo, a fine bunch of specimins.

The majestic Norman church at Brantingham, standing out as an iconic feature of this little village, and we passed just as the congregation emerged from morning service.

In the meantime the A team chose the village of Waltham for a second coffee and sandwich stop, with sufficient wall space and park benches for a comfortable break, and a comfort break in the obliging local club.

And again, another fine church as a backdrop.

With a pond and ducks for good measure.

Of course Pauline knows which way to go, but I can only assume I've got the photos out of sequence because this must have been early on when the ground was covered in frost.
Anyway, who cares, it's a nice photo all the same.

As we left Waltham, we saw the start of the first snow flurries, but it wasn't enough to stick, and so we arrived at Blackies club (no relation to Blackie in West Witton).
Everyone ensured their boots were clean or covered before we entered the premises, and we saw the start of the next snow shower, before going in.

We were made very welcome, with ample plates of free chips and moderate pricing at the bar.
The panoramic picture windows looked out on the football pitch and soon there were two teams lined up for a game, and the snow arrived !, but they carried on regardless.

An hour or so later we emerged from the club to confront a winter wonderland, some still donning their blue snow shoes.
Once collected by the coach we headed off to the Humber Bridge for our afternoon walk, and with the prospect of a wonderful wintery scene going over the bridge, 37 walkers were persuaded to join in.

Unfortunately by the time we reached the bridge, snow had turned to icy rain blowing directly against us, and we spent the 2 miles huddled in waterproofs trying to keep the stinging rain from our faces.
One can only imagine what the drivers crossing the bridge made of this large band of lunatics shuffling along at the side of them.

Well thanks again for your brilliant company, and particular thanks to Ken, Nigel and John for another different and interesting walk.
I hope you will all be looking forward to our next walk in February (18th), led by Len(A) and Jane(B), on a well prepared and suprisingly good walk between Wetherby and Tadcaster.

Best Regards,
Phil & Bev