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2018 Walk Dates
2019 Walk Dates
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Anyone wishing to suggest, plan or lead a walk, please contact Phil or Viv who will give you all the assistance you require, with a view to including your walk in a future program.

2019 Walk Template

Walks need to be no further from Doncaster than 2 hours by coach, which should include a toilet stop on route.

The main A walk should be approx. 4 to 4.1/2 hours in duration, including coffee/sandwich stop of around 20 minutes.
Mileage would be based on the terrain, more difficult walks would be shorter, but experience has shown us that a walk length of 8 to 11 miles is most suitable.

The B walk should also be considered, based on a slower pace, but around the same duration, so an alternative start point reducing the mileage by around 1.1/2 to 2 miles.

At the end point, a suitable pub should be selected, and if possible checked out. (This detail may be finalised at the pre-walk stage).
The pub would need to be open on a Sunday afternoon until at least 4.30pm, and a suitable size to accommodate 50 walkers.
Clean toilets, good beer, and an agreeable landlord preferred.
The pub stop will be around 1 hour for those wishing to attend the afternoon walk.

An afternoon walk should be considered, of around 3 to 4 miles or 1 to 1.1/2 hours duration.
The pick up location should be suitable for the coach to stop long enough to collect everyone, and if necessary wait if there are any delays.

Many good walks can be difficult to access, but the coach needs to be able to reach the drop off and pick up locations, so please consider the bus route and safe stopping points and parking.
Local knowledge can help, and the landlords of the pubs are often willing to help.

Once a walk is included in the program, a pre-walk should be arranged prior to the walk date itself.

A final pre-walk should not be too far in advance of the programmed date, ie no more than 3 months but ideally within a month of the walk.

Time should be allowed to re-visit the pre-walk, so that if parts turn out to be unsuitable or any changes need to be made it can be re checked.(ie if a path or worse still, the pub's closed)

Walk Leaders will get a free coach ride on their walk.(up to 2 leaders one for each A and B walk).

Expenses are allowed at the treasurers discretion, providing parking tickets, bus tickets, and receipts etc are provided.

At the discretion of the treasurer, other walk assistants may be given a free coach ride to compensate for use of their own vehicle or expenses relating to transport.