Viv’s Update

Our club walk on December 30th took us through The Dukeries, the former pleasure ground of 4 dukes. It is characterised by a gently rolling landscape with architectural interest of gatehouses and lodges. Group A started at Carburton and followed the River Poulter into Clumber Park, then out the other side at
Trumans Lodge
Group B started on the edge of the Welbeck Estate, making their way along Drinking Pit Lane.
 Through the trees the turrets of Welbeck Abbey could be seen.
Both groups continued to Creswell Crags, where they stopped for lunch.

In millennia gone by, ancient man sheltered from ice storms in Creswell Crags. He shared the landscape with woolly mammoth, hyena and hippopotami.

In 2018, The Famous Five left Creswell Crags.
Heading towards the pub,
The Jug and Glass at Nether Langwith.

Thank you Viv for your update and for organising this excellent walk from Clumber Park to Cresswell Crags, and thanks to Viv’s assistants Michelle, Ash for leading the B Team, and John for overseeing everything.

January 27th will see Ash leading a walk from Pocklington to Goodmanham Wold.

We look forward to seeing you all on the January walk

Phil and Bev