Phil’s Update





Sunday December 2nd,

The A team set off from Flamborough village and headed out North to the coast, where Carol took the obligatory team photo.

It was a cold morning but the sun was shining and it looked like the perfect day for our Christmas walk.

We soon reached Thornwick Bay
and the Flamborough cliffs and caves.
Meanwhile the B team headed out from North Landing and were well on their way ahead of the A team.
The A team now left Thornwick Bay behind and we headed for North Landing ourselves.
The B team approached the Old Lighthouse
and finally reached the new lighthouse
The B team paused to regroup.
Both teams eventually reaching South Landing and Danes Dyke.
And then at Sewerby Hall there was some cheating going on, the little train was running to Bridlington.

What they didn’t know was it didn’t stop at the Marine Bar on North Beach but continued all the way into Brid. Ha Ha.

The rest of the B team however got to the Marine Bar for a well earned pint.
Alan and Diane then demonstrated the new dress code for Darren’s new coach (which should be available for the new year ie January’s walk).
Poster to remind everyone
Once everyone got to the Marine Bar, Santa arrived and everyone tucked into the Turkey Baguettes and soup.

The roast potatoes were absolutely delicious, and all finished off with mince pies.

A lovely festive time was had by all.

Thanks to Nigel, and Ken for an excellent walk and organising the Christmas lunch at the Marine Bar

Later this month (December 30th) Viv will be leading an excellent walk from Clumber Park to Cresswell Crags, which a few of us walked with her last year, and it is a cracking walk.

I also remind you that the Christmas Party this year will be held at the Doncaster Catholic Club (not the Trades and Labour club as planned), and we hope to see you all there on this coming Saturday (15th)

We look forward to seeing you all on the January walk as Bev and I are off to sunnier climes and will miss this one.

Phil and Bev