Phil’s Update



Sunday November 4th

We looked forward to a much more relaxed and incident free walk this month, and it looks like Bev is certainly more chilled this time.

Thanks for all your photos, its been a very hard job choosing the right ones for this page.

Wow, an ambulance on stand bye for the B group, who organised that?.
Expecting a pleasant and quiet walk in the beautiful Dove Dale, we soon found we had an audience. Fortunately for the B team there was no need to cross the stepping stones, a much safer option.
On the other hand Ash takes the A team over the stones without incident, much to the disappointment of the crowd.
Soon after though, it’s the Dove Dale Dash, or more appropriately the Dove Dale Splash.
A much more spectacular crossing, and far more entertaining for the crowd, especially as one or two of the runners who ignored the stepping stones, lost their footing and nose dived into the river.
After all the excitement, peace again as we left the crowds behind and strolled along the River Dove.
Both groups passed Ilam Rock.
And it’s sister Pickering Tor.
Before continuing along the river.
Then we were amongst the Dove Holes, caves along the side of the river.
The A team then came across the B team having their coffee break
And more lovely scenery
The usual B team photo.
Finally the A team settled down for coffee and sandwiches in Mill Dale, including toilet facilities and a cafe, well done Ash.
And cheeky ducks
Of course, if you don’t want a quiet moment to eat your sandwiches then encourage a few friends to join you.
Both groups finally ended up in Biggin at the Waterloo Inn, but as usual everyone was too busy fighting for the bar to take any photos, so this is just another photo of the B team in Dove Dale.
I am told the afternoon walk was just as enjoyable, and of course November would not be the same without the poppies.
A spectacular display for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

Thanks again to Ash for another excellent walk with plenty to take in and see, including the spectacular Dove Dale Dash.

Next month (December 2nd) is the Christmas walk to Flamborough Head and Bridlington, and in order to cover expenses for the extra arrangements at the Expanse Hotel (Marine Bar), we will be charging £15 for the coach.

I also remind you that the Christmas Party this year will be held at the Doncaster Catholic Club (not the Trades and Labour club as planned, which most of you should be aware by now has closed)

Darren is still waiting to collect his new coach so be ready with your change of footwear and boot covers, should it be available in December.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 2nd, and join in the fun by dressing up or wearing your Christmas hats.

Phil and Bev